It took a year to read the Bible, then almost 9 months to read the Apocrypha. Now, I'm going to try to offer reflections on the Narrative Lectionary. But, I won't be posting daily--at least, for a while.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Called, a Reflection on Ezekiel 2:1-5

Ezekiel had been speaking to the Judeans who had been exiled to Babylon. Exiled. Taken from their homes. Forced to live in a new land under a new authority. The message that Ezekiel transmitted to them included a reminder that they had been rebellious against God, that they had sinned. Ezekiel will have good news for them eventually. See 17:22-24 and  18:21-22. 

The Gospel lesson this week reminds us that not everyone recognized whose work Jesus was doing--but that some did. Disciples heard Jesus' call and were able to help many people who needed it.

The lectionary pairs this reading from the prophet Ezekiel. God sends him to serve people who have rebelled against God.

Stop here and think about this a while. Who deserves help is not at issue here; rather, it is who needs help.

And how is it that Ezekiel can help? Although he was in exile, he was able to experience the presence of God (1:3). He paid attention (1:4-28). A spirit entered into him (2:2).

Most of this I find reassuring and inspiring. But, I get stuck on the part where he is called to speak to people whether they pay attention or not.

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