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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Daily Prayer, Thursday, December 19, 2013

Restore us O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved (Psalm 80:2).

Invitatory Psalm 150
Praise the LORD!
Praise God in his sanctuary!
Praise God in his fortress, the sky!
2 Praise God in his mighty acts!
Praise God as suits his incredible greatness!
3 Praise God with the blast of the ram’s horn!
Praise God with lute and lyre!
4 Praise God with drum and dance!
Praise God with strings and pipe!
5 Praise God with loud cymbals!
Praise God with clashing cymbals!
6 Let every living thing praise the LORD!
Praise the LORD!
[Common English Bible]

Psalm 125
The people who trust in the Lord
   are like Mount Zion:
   never shaken, lasting forever.
2 Mountains surround Jerusalem.
   That’s how the Lord surrounds his people
   from now until forever from now!
3 The wicked rod won’t remain
in the land given to the righteous
   so that they don’t use their hands to do anything wrong.
4 Lord, do good to people who are good,
   to people whose hearts are right.
5 But as for those people who turn to their own twisted ways—
   may the Lord march them off with other evildoers!
Peace be on Israel!
[Common English Bible]

Psalm 126
When the Lord changed Zion’s circumstances for the better,
   it was like we had been dreaming.
2 Our mouths were suddenly filled with laughter;
   our tongues were filled with joyful shouts.
It was even said, at that time, among the nations,
   “The Lord has done great things for them!”
3 Yes, the Lord has done great things for us,
   and we are overjoyed.

4 Lord, change our circumstances for the better,
   like dry streams in the desert waste!
5 Let those who plant with tears
   reap the harvest with joyful shouts.
6 Let those who go out,
   crying and carrying their seed,
   come home with joyful shouts,
   carrying bales of grain!
[Common English Bible]

Psalm 127
Unless it is the Lord who builds the house,
   the builders’ work is pointless.
Unless it is the Lord who protects the city,
   the guard on duty is pointless.
2 It is pointless that you get up early and stay up late,
   eating the bread of hard labor
   because God gives sleep to those he loves.
[Common English Bible]

Psalm 128
Everyone who honors the Lord,
       who walks in God’s ways, is truly happy!
2 You will definitely enjoy what you’ve worked hard for—
   you’ll be happy; and things will go well for you.
4 That’s how it goes for anyone who honors the Lord:
   they will be blessed!
5 May the Lord bless you from Zion.
   May you experience Jerusalem’s goodness your whole life long.
[Common English Bible]

Psalm 129
From youth, people have constantly attacked me—
   let Israel now repeat!—
2     from youth people have constantly attacked me—
   but they haven’t beaten me!
3 They plowed my back like farmers;
   they made their furrows deep.
4 But the Lord is righteous—
   God cut me free from the ropes of the wicked!
[Common English Bible][

Daily Lectionary Reading, Psalm 80:1-3
Shepherd of Israel, listen! You, the one who leads Joseph as if he were a sheep. You, who are enthroned upon the winged heavenly creatures. Show yourself 2 before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh! Wake up your power! Come to save us! 3 Restore us, God! Make your face shine so that we can be saved!
[Common English Bible]

Prayer for Today: choose a prayer from Joan Stott's website Timeless Psalms.

Midday Psalm 119:161-168
Princes persecute me without cause, 
but my heart stands in awe of your words.
I rejoice at your word like one who finds great spoil.
I hate and abhor falsehood, 
but I love your law.
Seven times a day I praise you 
for your righteous ordinances.
Great peace have those who love your law; 
nothing can make them stumble.
I hope for your salvation, O Lord, 
and I fulfill your commandments.
My soul keeps your decrees; 
I love them exceedingly.
I keep your precepts and decrees,
for all my ways are before you.

Psalm 135
Praise the Lord!
   Praise the Lord’s name!
   All you who serve the Lord, praise God!
2 All you who stand in the Lord’s house—
       who stand in the courtyards of our God’s temple—
3     praise the Lord, because the Lord is good!
       Sing praises to God’s name because it is beautiful!
4 Because the Lord chose Jacob as his own,
   God chose Israel as his treasured possession.

5 Yes, I know for certain that the Lord is great—
   I know our Lord is greater than all other gods.
6 The Lord can do whatever he wants
   in heaven or on earth,
   in the seas and in every ocean depth.
7 God forms clouds at the far corners of the earth.
   God makes lightning for the rain.
   God releases the wind from its storeroom.

13 Lord, your name is forever!
   Lord, your fame extends from one generation to the next!
14 The Lord gives justice to his people
   and has compassion on those who serve him.

15 The nations’ idols are just silver and gold—
   things made by human hands.
16 They have mouths, but they can’t speak.
   They have eyes, but they can’t see.
17 They have ears, but they can’t listen.
   No, there’s no breath in their lungs!
20b    You who honor the Lord, bless the Lord!
21 Bless the Lord from Zion—
   bless the one who lives in Jerusalem!
Praise the Lord!
[Common English Bible]

Psalm 136
Give thanks to the Lord because he is good.
   God’s faithful love lasts forever!

2 Give thanks to the God of all gods—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
3 Give thanks to the Lord of all lords—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
4 Give thanks to the only one
who makes great wonders—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
5 Give thanks to the one who made the skies with skill—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
6 Give thanks to the one who shaped the earth on the water—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
7 Give thanks to the one who made the great lights—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
8 The sun to rule the day—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
9 The moon and the stars to rule the night—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever!
11 Give thanks to the one who brought Israel out of there—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
12 With a strong hand and outstretched arm—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever!

13 Give thanks to the one who split the Reed Sea in two—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
16 Give thanks to the one who led his people through the desert—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
23 God remembered us when we were humiliated—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
24 God rescued us from our enemies—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever.
25 God is the one who provides food for all living things—
   God’s faithful love lasts forever!

26 Give thanks to the God of heaven—
       God’s faithful love lasts forever!
[Common English Bible]

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