It took a year to read the Bible, then almost 9 months to read the Apocrypha. Now, I'm going to try to offer reflections on the Narrative Lectionary. But, I won't be posting daily--at least, for a while.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Listen! a reflection on 2 Esdras 16:35-67

Listen, understand. Calamities are drawing near. They will not be delayed.

Do not be like sinners. In a short time, iniquity will be removed from the earth, and righteousness will reign over us.

Sinners must admit their sins. The Lord knows everything that people do their imaginations and their thoughts and their hearts.

God is the judge. Be afraid.

Cease sinning so God will lead you forth and deliver you from all tribulation.

Are we frightened or relieved to hear the prophecy that we can be saved if we would just stop sinning?

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