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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why can’t religion and the Enlightenment be friends?

What’s that, you say? They were friends? Why didn’t anyone tell us?

Well, David Sorkin has. A professor of history and Jewish studies at the University of Wisconsin, he argues in a new study that religion and the Enlightenment were even more than friends.

“In the academic as well as the popular imagination,” Dr. Sorkin writes, “the Enlightenment figures as a quintessentially secular phenomenon — indeed, as the very source of modern secular culture.”

But contrary to this “secular master narrative,” he argues, “the Enlightenment was not only compatible with religious belief,” it actually generated new formulations of that belief.

Read more of this review by Peter Steinfeld in today's New York Times: Exploring Religion, Shaped by the Enlightenment.

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