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Friday, October 31, 2008

All Saints Day, Bishop Hope Ward's Epistle

All Saints, All Children of God

See what love God has given us, that we should be called children of God' and that is what we are.
- Ephesians 3:1

Today, on All Saints, November 1, it is good to remember who we are. We are God's children, given new birth through the Holy Spirit and given new life in community with all others who share faith in Christ.
In the Hector Peterson Museum in Soweto, South Africa, there is a life-size photograph of a youth carrying the lifeless body of Hector Peterson. Hector Peterson was the first child killed in the violent response to the peaceful demonstration of school children in Soweto. Hector's sister is running along side the bearer of her brother's body.
Beside the photograph is the response of the family of the youth who risked his life to carry Hector away. "Our brother is not a hero. This is what we do."
Saints are not heroes. To be a hero is to be a champion, standing taller and stronger than those around. To be a saint is to be one of God's children, doing what God's children do, standing no taller or stronger than others but moving faithfully together, doing what God's children do.
On this day of All Saints, I am grateful for the life we share. What a great gift - to be a child of God! We proclaim not ourselves, nor one another, but the strong work of God in us for good. To God be the glory on this day as we celebrate the family of all God's saints.
With gratitude for sharing with you in Christ's ministry,

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