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Friday, February 13, 2015

Additions to Daniel: Susanna and Bel the Dragon

Another addition to the book of Daniel (chapter 13) is Susanna

Two men of authority allow themselves to be overcome by lust of the beautiful Susanna. They sneak into her garden to watch her bathe. Giving into their lust, they approach her, telling her if she objects, then they will accuse her of committing adultery with a young man. She reflects, "I am trapped. If I agree then I have sinned against the Lord. If I refuse, it will mean death."  So, she objects, calls out for help. They have her arrested, saying they saw her engaging in adultery with a young man.

At her trial, the two elders testify against her. She prays to God for help. The Lord heard her and sent Daniel to help. He interview the two men separately asking each one a detail about what they had seen, "Under what kind of tree were they being intimate?" They named different trees thus proving they were lying.

Susanna was spared; the false accusers were executed.

Bel the Dragon is considered Daniel chapter 14. In it, Daniel proves that the Babylonian idol is a false god. He kills a great dragon that they revere. When he is thrown in a lion's den, God sends him help. All who had tried to harm Daniel are themselves executed.

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