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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The King Says Build, Esdras 6

The Jews wanted to rebuild the temple, but the others did not. The Syrian governor and other rulers wrote to King Darius telling him that some Jews who were in captivity have now returned and they are building a big, new, costly building. They are doing this rapidly. When we asked them who had given permission for this, they replied that they are servants of the Lord who made heaven and earth, and that a king of Israel long ago had built one. However, that God, provoked by their sinning, gave then over to Babylon who burned the building down and took the people captive. They then added that King Cyrus had given them permission to come back here and rebuild and restock their temple. We're asking that you search the records to see if King Cyrus really did allow this. Further, if he did, let us know if you agree.

King Darius found the evidence that Cyrus had commanded the rebuilding of the temple and the restoration of the valuable holy vessels. He told the Syrian rulers not to interfere but to provide some support.

Disobeying or making fun of anything the king said carried severe punishment.

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