It took a year to read the Bible, then almost 9 months to read the Apocrypha. Now, I'm going to try to offer reflections on the Narrative Lectionary. But, I won't be posting daily--at least, for a while.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sirach 17-19

The Lord created human beings and granted them authority over everything on earth, bestowed knowledge upon them, established with them an eternal covenant. The Lord sees everything we do, rewarding our kindnesses.

Forsake your sins. The Lord is merciful.

The Lord is great; humans, not so much. But, the Lord is patient with us, pouring out mercy, granting forgiveness.

Do not mix reproach with your good deeds, or spoil your gift by harsh words.
Restrain your appetites. Don't waste your money on luxuries.
Don't gossip.

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