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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Faith without Works is Dead, a Reflection on James 2:1-17

I was watching Morning Joe (as I do not every morning but a lot of mornings) and Jeff Bridges was a guest. "Why Jeff Bridges?" I wondered, as he demonstrated how he made a White Russian drink. I'm glad I kept watching. He and Billy Shore talked about the new project, No Kid Hungry Campaign

the No Kid Hungry Campaign’s plan to close the childhood hunger accountability gap by increasing enrollment in federal food and nutrition programs. He also announced the launch of No Kid Hungry Campaigns across America that seek to include governors, mayors, nonprofit partners, those that have experienced hunger, state agency leaders, private funders, and the culinary, business and faith-based communities. Share Our Strength describes the NKH campaign as a non-partisan, cost-effective approach to enlist private funders, public officials, and nonprofit groups to create plans with measurable goals to end childhood hunger at the state and local level.
“Ending hunger is not a mystery,” Bridges says. “By building on successful federal programs like the school breakfast program, our nation’s hungry children can get the food they need to perform well in school and stay healthy. Childhood hunger in America is a hidden epidemic that robs children of the opportunity to grow up healthy and learn well in school, but we see an end in sight. This is a problem we can solve.” (

James wrote to the Christians of his day "What good is it to say you have faith if your neighbors need food or clothes?"

If Christians of today were asked the same question, how would we answer?

Causes of Poverty

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