It took a year to read the Bible, then almost 9 months to read the Apocrypha. Now, I'm going to try to offer reflections on the Narrative Lectionary. But, I won't be posting daily--at least, for a while.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mistreatment of the Poor, a Reflection on Amos 8:4-7

The prophet Amos outlines the indictment that the Lord God has brought against them: They have trampled on the poor, taken advantage of them, engaged in practices which increased bankruptcies. 

How much attention do modern prophets give to financial abuses? Do we consider fraudulent practices sins? Do we believe that God gets particularly upset about financial mistreatment of the poor?

Amos reminds us the the Lord will not forget any of this.

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bthomas said...

"We" may or may not pay attention to financial abuse. But one thing is for absolute certain. None of the Wall Street gang of bankers have been held accountable for their wanton destruction of home values in this nation. Why? Simple. They own and operate the legislative process at the state and national level. The laws are written according to what they and their lobby stipulate. And, those bought and paid for legislators and politicians don't listen to poor people... or even prophets.